Recently, the well-known long silence CCTV reporters, presenters Chaijing bring personal video work "Under the Dome" declared the return to the national haze phenomenon is of great concern for the investigation of the subject, with 103 minutes haze about what is, where it comes from , what we should do. Once a video posted online sparked heated debate on just a few days of playing time to get hundreds of millions of traffic, environmental issues was carried to the desktop again. Machine is composed of steel, is also an important tool for machining steel, and haze is a major factor in the formation of exhaust gas generated during steel production. And China is the worlds largest machine tool producer and consumer countries, so green research tool for current situation of Chinas environmental problems and the haze of containment are constructive sense.

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"Green Machine" of the core concepts that reduce energy consumption. According to statistics, in the process of being machining parts, the energy consumption is only about 25% is used for the cutting of metal, which is part of the useful work, other energy consumed in maintaining the machine running, ensure the accuracy and rigidity etc. on supplementary measures to save energy is to reduce this part of energy consumption, with a minimum of energy consumption to meet the needs of auxiliary functions. Effective way to achieve green production is to reduce the weight of the machine, save material, while reducing energy consumption when using the machine, to improve the dynamic performance of the machine.

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The traditional minimum investment to earn maximum profit with minimal resources into creating the most value and achieve sustainable production from. In recent years, the use of new materials and processing technology to the traditional machine brought major changes. Carbon fiber, ceramics and composites and other new materials in the machine structure, so that the machine lightweight construction, environmental protection, promotion of the machining equipment to high-speed, precision, complex, intelligent direction. Large machine supports the use of artificial granite, or filled with concrete in the framework of welded steel, metal resources can be saved, but also increase the vibration resistance and thermal stability. Force conditions on some complex parts and components, the use of new materials such as carbon fiber, not only can make the machine lightweight structure, but also improve life.

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This is only to be considered from the perspective of raw materials, in fact, the other part, as long as willing to put in some effort, you can make a contribution to environmental protection. Machine-load power consumption accounts for 10-15% of the total power consumption of the machine, and the machine can cause fever. Now the launch of the servo system can be part of the air-way rotary feedback energy store, which is part of the energy. Up through the rational study of the proportion of energy consumption has a good combination of process requirements, rational analysis, by reducing the load to the motor itself to save energy. For normal fatigue stripping loss or damage due to local overload of some parts can repair, remanufacturing, extend the product life cycle. In all the features of the machine, maintainability features rolling and remanufacturing capabilities reduce maintenance costs of the host, and high-quality alloy steel can be fully utilized. China is the worlds largest machine tool ownership. Which served more than 10 years of tradition of the old machine over 2 million units, has entered the peak period of machinery and equipment scrapped. If allowed to fester these old rusty tools, is not only a waste of resources, but also pose a great threat to the environment, which gave birth to the machine tool remanufacturing engineering. Remanufactured products, compared with the new, energy savings of 60%, materials 70%, 50% cost savings, almost no solid waste, emissions of air pollutants reduced by more than 80%. Also remanufacturing conducive to the formation resources - products - waste products - remanufactured products circular economy mode, you can take full advantage of the resources and protecting the environment. Green production of machine tools in the exploration process, the machine tool companies are sparing no effort, with universities and research institutions to carry out research cooperation in the field of green manufacturing, to contribute to the cause of environmental protection. The survey Chaijing haze is just a small spark, and instantly ignite people on environmental concerns prairie fire, indicating that environmental pollution is our ills traditional illnesses. Environmental protection is no small matter, not to mention an important pillar of the countrys machinery manufacturing industry, every step of the way forward for the industry in environmental protection are of great significance. Green Road manufacturing long way to go, green manufacturing machine imperative.